Water feature at 510 arkell beverly hills

"Properties that make a splash"

"Financial Times" March 25 2023

The Financial Times HTSI explores the modern architecture of water features in luxury homes; channeling water into focal points that blur boundaries between the home and its surroundings to create a sense of connection to the natural world. 510 Arkell makes the HTSI list of luxury homes with exceptional water features:

“Retro-futurist fans might also consider looking to Beverly Hills, where a $20mn 1960s bungalow has been radically transformed. Its slick, all-white open-plan interior plays host to a series of circular and oval water-filled “pools” with a 2001: A Space Odyssey-like aesthetic, while mirroring the organic form of the home’s outdoor swimming pool. “

Circular fountain in white room
The pool at 510 Arkell