Poolside party taking place at 510 Arkell

Cadillac hosts charity auction at 510 Arkell

Cadillac partnered with Artnet to curate a series of commissioned photographic works focused on the historic Goddess and the new bronze Goddess sculpture. The soirée was hosted 510 Arkell, the $20MM Beverly Hills Estate currently listed with Karen Sanchez, Yawar Charlie, and Ben Bacal.

Annie Armstrong writing for Arnet’s said the venue was: “A stunning minimal, modernist home designed by father-and-son architect duo Miguel Angel and Rafael Aragones served as both party venue and art gallery to showcase the images (Rafael himself was in a attendance to survey the scene and his masterwork)….The commissioned work blended seamlessly with the surroundings, with all of the classic California elements present: the azure pool lit up against the hills; Light and Space art peppered through the sleek, ranch-style abode; and, of course, the impressive classic ride parked in the driveway.”

The curated collection featured images of the 1933 Goddess ornament, as well as the new contemporary Goddess sculpture returning on the all-new Cadillac CELESTIQ ultra-luxury EV, interpreted by three renowned photographers: Petra Collins, Ming Smith, and Dannielle Bowman. The commissioned photographs were auctioned on Artnet, with proceeds benefiting Free Arts NYC.

“Automotive design has always been rooted in the importance of an artistic vision to create an emotional response,” says Bryan Nesbitt, executive director of Cadillac Design. “That’s what this series celebrates, as the iconic Cadillac Goddess was originally conceived nearly a century ago as an artful representation of the brand’s spirit and has been reintroduced on the all-new CELESTIQ ultra-luxury EV. Cadillac’s rich history and promising future continue to inspire.”

The evening was hosted by Artnet News’s executive producer, Sonia Manalili along with Cadillac’s Alexandra Dymowska, Senior Brand Designer, and Laetitia Lopez, Lead Colors, Materials and Finishes Designer. Both worked directly on the CELESTIQ.  According to Artnet News, additional guest included Artnet News’s editor-in-chief, Andrew Goldstein, fashion designer Sander Lak and actor Nathan Stewart-Jarrett. Other attendees included photographer Elizabeth Waterman, Art Basel’s global head of gallery relations Dunja Gottweis, art advisor Janice Bond, curator Sima Familant, legendary art dealer Douglas Chrismas, Paramount VP of Global Creative Jennifer Munley, artists Maya Fuhr and Esteban Jefferson, LA Dodger pitcher Victor Gonzalez, dean of USC School of Architecture Milton S.F. Curry, and advisor and collector Robert Galstian.